"I wanted to be part of something a little bit different and challenging" Andy Stevens, Team Leader

about 3 years ago

"​I wanted to be part of something a little bit different and challenging"

​We spoke with Andy Stevens, Team Leader, about his career at Legal & General Modular Homes

Career history before joining LGMH?

Before joining LGMH I worked in manufacturing for 4 years making countermeasures for the Military of Defence. Before that I worked for the bulk of my career as a holiday entertainer, mainly working abroad. I provided daytime activities like water polo, volleyball
and table tennis. In the evening, I came into my own, running the entertainment side, such as kids’ discos, bingo, hosting game shows and performing in shows.

Why did you want to join LGMH?

I’ve always been handy and interested in this line of work. I’ve been involved in many property renovations and laboured on many sites which I thoroughly enjoyed. When hearing that LGMH where hiring, I researched into the job further and what it promised was exactly what I wanted to be part of, something a little bit different and challenging.

What did you want to achieve when you joined the company?

I want to achieve and develop more skills within this line of work and to climb the ladder which is something I’m very keen to do.

What are your career aspirations now?

To continue to further my skills as a team leader and to push myself to prepare for my next steps. I want to complete all of my objectives and hopefully achieve a promotion.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

• Funny
• Hardworking
• Helpful

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